Calculus Fighter is a simple, high-pace action game focused on skill, reaction, and math! Fight as the eternal foes, Captain Zero and Infinitus. Harness the offensive powers of the derivative and defensive protection of the integral in order to reduce your opponent to mere mortal numbers! Witness who will triumph in the ultimate showdown of calculus destiny!

Noah Kim, Arman Siddique, 2016

Captain Zero Controls
Strafe leftA
Strafe rightD
Throw derivative1
Integral shield`
Infinitus Controls
Strafe left
Strafe right
\Throw derivative
]Integral shield
Game Mechanics
double jump - gives the players an extra boost in mid air
death invincibility - safety for 2 seconds after death
derivative limit - players get two active bullets at a time
integral limit - players can only shield for two seconds per life
real time physics - accurate gravity and movement
particle simulation - the player explodes into a cloud of numbers
fantastic units - a better way to see runtime statistics