Sailing FJ's

March 13, 2020

I got inspired by some stuff I was watching over the weekend to go back and cut together the footage I got when we took the FJ’s out for NAUT 001B last semester. Unfortunately, I’m too attached to the copyrighted music to put it on YouTube, so here we are!

For context, NAUT 001B is the second course in USC’s for-fun sailing track (that said, you can actually get your captain’s license through the program if you put in the requisite number of hours). During the class we got to take part in two main activities, the first of which is a night-time voyage on a bigger sailboat where we study advanced navigation out of the port of Los Angeles. The second was practice manning FJ’s, which are two-person dinghies equipped with nothing more than two sails, a centerboard, and a rudder.

We got four days on the FJ’s, and this short clip is cut together from our outing past the break wall on the last. Special thanks to the wonderful Amanda, my sailing partner, as well as Peter, the coach who taught us how to run the boats and supervised our voyages.