About Albums

Albums was a fun side-project I started as an endeavor to consistently listen to more music. After doing the top 10 influential album challenge posed to me by Ethan Dodd, I figured I’d go on to publish an album I really appreciated or enjoyed every month. Check back every now and then for new music to listen to, and I absolutely encourage you to reach out to me with recommendations.

In theory, it was just going to a be a quick week of throwing random albums up for the fun of it and seeing what other people had to say and share. However, what has ended up happening in the several months it’s taken me to finish the project is that it has become an unexpected constancy amid moving across the country, leaving people behind and meeting others, and taking a first couple steps in an entirely new chapter of my life. As such, I’ve steadily come to the conclusion that the albums part of my site should become something new, perhaps along the lines of a biweekly announcement of something new or worth listening to.

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