Abstract Studio

Abstract Studio is the independent development team of me, Noah Kim, and Arman Siddique. Our focus is game and software development, and so far we’ve created a couple of cool projects, including an HTML5 game engine and a game written for it.

Abstract Engine

In our first game, Calculus Fighter, we frequently found ourselves trying to reorganize and maintain our codebase, which ailed from having core runtime components such as rendering, entity and state management, and I/O access mixed in with the actual game logic. Not wanting to repeat this process in our second game, Chincoteague Drift, we decided to separate and abstractify the general aspects of Calculus Fighter into what eventually became known as Abstract Engine.

Abstract Engine takes full advantage of ECMAScript 6 and HTML5, and offers features such as high level entity management, asynchronous asset loading, and state-based game logic.

To view the source code, head to the GitHub page.